At PUTRI NORLISA CHAIR (“PNC Law”), we are driven by a commitment to build on a winning strategy with a clear vision to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. Our firm offers in-depth strength of established partners, together with a dedicated and vibrant team of counsels and associates, offering specific and sectorial expertise in a diversified market place.


We have proven expertise in the following sectors: Financial services, insurance, asset and fund management, oil and gas, energy, power and renewables, telecommunications, aviation, rail, automotive, maritime, airports, logistics, technology, information technology, healthcare, hospitality, satellite, education, FMCG products, manufacturing, prospecting, smelting, commodities and precious metals.


We place great importance in developing with our clients and having in-depth knowledge of the business, keeping abreast of the times and market developments offering specific and bespoke services, tailored to specific needs. What we offer at PNC Law as our distinguishing hallmarks are:


  1. top-notch quality;

  2. service excellence;

  3. business acumen, with a commercial and strategic focus;

  4. a multi-disciplinary skill-set; and

  5. the depth of understanding bringing order and structure in a myriad of complexity.

The team at PNC Law have carved out a name for themselves with close to 20 years experience in the industry. We work well with other advisors; including investment banks, management consultants, financial and tax advisors and international law firms, and the lawyers here have had starring roles in many headlining transactions, and particularly relish and excel in complex multi jurisdiction cross-border deals.


PNC Law was awarded “Rising Law Firm of the Year” at the Asian Legal Business Malaysian Law Awards 2017. We are also recognised as a leading firm in Legal 500 and IFLR in the practice areas of Corporate and M&A and Banking and Finance.




“We aim to become the first name for the client, particularly in matters which will put a serious strain on traditional mind-sets and expand and re-invent the boundaries of convention.”

At PNC Law, we will equip our clients with the tools, resources, breadth and depth of knowledge. For us, we pride ourselves with the entrepreneurial drive and enterprise to empower our clients and to allow them to reach their goals and objectives.

We relish our role as trusted counsel, and strive to be with our clients every step of the way. Ours is to develop a winning strategy, steering through every bump and corner, pushing the envelope through the fog and mists, thinking in advance and forging ahead and overcoming obstacles and hindrances, firmly focused on task without losing sight of the ultimate goal. Ours is NOT to win a battle or be obstinate only to lose the war.


As a means to attain this Vision, at the very core of the DNA construct of PNC Law, is the 3 cherished values which defines us as a firm and as individuals: –

  1. Client Relationship Centric: Thinking in Advance and Responding Quickly to Situations

  2. Depth & Execution Capability: The Courage to be Different, not to be stricture bound by convention or expectations, instead we pioneer thought and ideas;

  3. People & Performance: Training and Trusting our People to be Inspirational Leaders, Develop Learning and Execution Agility and engraining a Culture and Mindset of High Performers


The cornerstone of our winning mentality is our unwavering commitment to achieving the Vision through our Values.

When our clients succeed, we succeed.

We will challenge ourselves daily to follow through on our Winning Strategy. Ours is not about luck nor do we function by “auto-pilot”. As part of our winning strategy, we strive to make good and strategic use of all opportunities presented.

This Winning Mentality is engrained at all levels and individuals within PNC Law, and versed with our Value System which is the means to the realisation of our Vision, we are:-

CLIENT RELATIONSHIP CENTRIC. A lasting relationship built on trust.

As a Relationship Driven Firm, we manage and nurture our relationship with our clients in a pro-active manner by adding value and having an innate understanding of the business of our clients. Serviced by an outfit of lawyers with a sterling reputation for closing transactions and who perform exceptionally well in complex transactions, our lasting relationship with our clients is made possible by the trust earned at all levels with the client. The relationship is way beyond mundane legal problems, but we want to be at the heart of the business and strategy of our clients.

DEPTH AND EXECUTION CAPABILITY. Innovative and Creative Solutions.

We take pride in our planning and execution abilities, thinking creatively and in advance with a view to minimising and steering clear of unfavourable outcomes which would detract from or lose sight of the end goal. We challenge ourselves and grow as a firm to provide bespoke and form fitting solutions for clients through innovative means at department store prices, in short, we aim to be the platform to provide an exceptional value proposition. Our involvement does not merely end when the ink is laid out on the dotted lines, but extends to ensuring the package is delivered in a holistic manner and in full, with the same degree of diligence at every step of the way, from start to finish.

PEOPLE & PERFORMANCE. A High Performance Culture.

Our lawyers practise within a culture of the highest standards, grounded by intellectual honesty, driven by professionalism, with an eye for detail, bound by ethics and a good sense of fair play all of whom are measured by performance and productivity. This is the ethos which is inculcated in all of us at PNC Law, a colloquium of like-minded people with the courage to stand up and be counted, a force to be reckoned with. A culture of merit, multi ethnicity and of high performers.